5 Effective Ways to Stop My Cat Spraying

Spray is created when a mature cat mixes a small amount of urine with glandular secretion called pheromones. When a cat sprays, it stand straight up and lift its rear high in the air, usually against a vertical surface, such a wall. If she isn’t spraying in this upright position, than you may actually be dealing with a litter box avoidance.

So, why do cats spray?

  1. To Mark their territory
  2. Unaltered cats spray to attract a mate
  3. To communicate something to another cat
  4. To relieve stress

Here’s  to solve you cat spraying problem?

The first thing you should do is to take your pet to the vet and check for any health problem.

Spay/neuter your kitten. More than 90% of the cat spraying problems can be solved with spaying.

Spraying is most common in multi-cat homes and homes with non-neutered males. Sterilization completely stops spraying in 90% of males and 95% of females. A home with more than one non-neutered male is a recipe for disaster. (It doesn’t necessarily have to be a cat either. An intact male cat can have territorial conflicts with an intact male dog – and viceversa)

Block your kitten view of the outdoors.

If she is feeling threatened by an outdoor cat, the natural response will be to defend his territory – your home. Close the blinds or cover the window with drapes, as long as your cats view of the intruder cat is blocked, it should fix the problem.

– If your kitten is spraying on a person clothing, it can be a problem with that particular person (or this person clothing because they are bringing in scents from other cats or dogs). This person needs to spend time bonding with the cat – giving treats, playing, possibly sleeping in the same room until she gets comfortable with them.

Have regular play session in the room where her usually spraying. This way, you’ll change the association with the area from “territory boundaries” to “nest area”. Cats doesn’t spraying in their nest area. Doing this may stop the spraying problem completely – or at least decrease it.

It’s very important to watch and understand what your pet needs. Sometimes it take no more than few days to solve a cat spraying problem, when you know what caused the problem.