All About Cat Spray and Cleaning Cat Spray

If you have ever had an inside cat you know all about cat spray and how foul it can smell. And yes female cats do spray by the way. People that do not have cats will probably not know this little fact. But the people that have cats know all about it. So what is it made of you ask? Cat spray is made up of a mixture of pheromones and urine, and smell god aweful when coming from a cat (pheromones are the scents that all animals put off in order to find a mate and to mark there territory).

A female or male cat will spray to not only mark his territory but to also show signs of affection. Cats spray when they feel threatened or are nervous (yes cats can get nervous too) Cats will also spray when they are in heat or are pregnant.

So what is the best way to clean cat spray First DO NOT USE Ammonia. Cat Spray and Ammonia will only intensify the smell and make it worse. I recommend using Vinegar and Water. Vinegar neutralizes the Cat Spray on Contact. You can also use Oxi Clean, it seems to work really well on killing the smell.

Baking Soda seems to work well in Neutralizing the smell also. DO NOT Try to mask the scent with perfumes or Air Fresheners, you will only make it worse, and the only thing worse than cat spray is masking it.

Once you have used the above information, My next suggestion is to Get a Bottle of Febreze. Febreze works wonders on Cat Spray And Febreze is not just a cover up scent like regular Air Fresheners. Febreze actually Helps to Neutralize odors.