Cat carpet scratching post

The relaxing platform and staircase described at the last step are optional. Step 1: What You Need. Picture of What You Need. 47 meter for each meter of the pipe length. 110 pipe with length 2.

5 m will need 117. Sisal rope can be quite expensive, so check out where you can buy it cheap. Tee nuts, M8, 4 pcs. Hexagon head bolts, M8, length approx 50 mm. Cork gasket sheet, thickness 3 mm. Step 2: Make Upper and Lower Plugs. Picture of Make Upper and Lower Plugs.

Start making the upper and lower base plugs by forming 45 mm thick wooden pieces equal to the PVC pipe inner diameter. Two grooves for the rope and U-bolt  is needed lengthwise. Connect the plugs and discs with some wood screws to create 2 units. One of the plug units should be equipped with 4 tee nuts and 4 bolts, acting as spanners. Drill holes through the plate and plugs. Punch them into place with a hammer.

The third MDF disc is used under the spanner bolts. Cut out two circular cork discs. They are needed for surface protection, anti-slipping and compression. Measure the distance between roof and ceiling. Find out the thickness of the upper and lower plates, bolt heads, gaskets and also a 5 mm mounting clearance, and you will have the needed pipe length. Mount all the pieces together and check out that everything is OK. Put the soon-to-be scratching post in position using a level to get it vertical.

Mark the upper and lower positions with some masking tape at the floor and ceiling. Turn the 4 spanner screws at the lower plug unit counter-clockwise and the pipe should start pressing between floor and ceiling. Tighten the spanner screws until the post is securely fastened. When satisfied remove it all and mentally prepare for a couple of hours wrapping more than 100 meters of rope. A nice cold beer will help. Make one cut-out for the rope at each end of the pipe.

This is the ‘inlets’ for the rope. Drill two small holes opposite of the cut-outs for the U-bolt. Position the U-bolt to allow one turn of the rope without any gap. Put a knot at the rope, inside the tube, close to the plug. Guide the rope through the cut-out. Mount the nuts on the U-bolt and tighten the rope. Press the plug and start wrapping the rope from the floor plug unit and up.

Pull the rope hard when wrapping, and after some turns hammer the turns together. A pair of gloves and someone to help you guiding the rope is necessary . When you need a break, secure the rope with packaging tape. It will twist, turn, tangle and be a complete mess if not handled correctly. Put the upper plug unit in position. Put the wrapped post in the previously marked position. Remove the rope securing tape. Step 6: Optional Relaxing Platform and Staircase. Picture of Optional Relaxing Platform and Staircase. Most cats likes to relax at a high position, so I decided to make a high mounted platform to complete the cat playground area. This is a quick description. Start out with a simple prototype made of cardboard.