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The woods are pretty damn safe. The Truth About Guns » Staying Safe on the Trail. With A Gun — The Truth About Guns The woods are pretty damn safe. I mean, you can spend every weekend hiking through areas «infested» with dangerous wildlife, and see nothing more than a snowshoe hare or a mule deer. There are as many strategies for deep woods self-protection as there are picnic tables in Yellowstone, so the first order of the day is to know your adversary . This is a discussion about hiking and camping, not hunting. Where you choose to commune with nature defines the short list of bad guys you’ll need to concern yourself with.

If you aren’t in the Northern Rockies, things get much easier since you don’t have to worry about grizzly bears or Northwest Canada’s brown bears. Mountain lions are likewise limited almost exclusively to the western US. Eastern adventurers’ biggest worries are black bears, and to a lesser extent, tasty members of the porcine family. I’ll leave the mechanics of hog-defense to our Texas boys. Most black bear encounters end with the bear asses-and-elbows. My only blackie encounter occurred in the woods of western Massachusetts in the Deerfield River area.

I was lugging a 20 pound camera rig down a two mile forest service road when I rounded the corner and came upon a large sow. I knew she was a sow because of the cute little cub nearby. But long ago I learned you never run from a predator and my feet stayed planted. Mama bear dashed into the woods and I never saw her again. Bear experts recommend fighting for your life if you’re attacked by a black bear because it wants to eat you. You don’t want to be eaten?

Then you need to fight back and on this blog that means bringing firepower to bear. Now let me contradict myself. Your primary weapon against any bear should be a can of bear spray. Capsaicin stuff specifically for use on bears. Before you guys get all up in a huff, consider your point of aim on a 200 pound black bear that just put his head down and starts charging you from ten yards. One second later, at about two yards, he will jump and knock you down.

How’s your aim under duress? Will your round be strong enough to penetrate its skull? Can you find a heart shot and will the bear drop before it takes some good-sized chunks out of you? All in a couple of seconds? With bear spray, you can instantly put a big orange cloud of pain between you and the bear which almost always stops the charge. Any good brand of spray will be most effective between 10-30 feet. What if that hungry black bear isn’t affected by the spray or what if it’s windy and raining, rendering the spray ineffective? Get your damn gun out. Shoot the bear until it’s no longer a threat. Now, you’re thinking, what gun is the best for bear defense? Of course, one that will stop a bear in its tracks.