Cat weepy eye home remedy

Jean said that very often conjunctivitis in cats is caused by a herpesvirus. Lysine is an old nutritionist trick I learned for herpes in humans. Without arginine, a herpesvirus cannot reproduce. The amino acid lysine is taken up by the virus in favor of arginine. It’s just an amino acid, which means it’s a building block of protein.

250mg day as maintenance afterward, mixed into wet food. From what I’ve read, I’d give the maintenance 250mg for about a month, and then not need to dose the lysine again unless symptoms show up again. It won’t hurt to continue the maintenance dose for longer though. Another remedy that might help? In the case of our cat Phil when he was little, his vet gave us an antibiotic application to try for his conjunctivitis. It didn’t seem to help much in his case.

PUT VINEGAR IN OR NEAR A CAT’S EYES! He had a few flare-ups and we’d have to use it again. Then the conjunctivitis finally went away for good. Lots of good reviews of this product on Amazon! These are ideal if your cat doesn’t eat wet food. Simple supplement capsules are more economical and just as effective though. Do you have a cat conjunctivitis story?

I hope you’ll share it, especially if you think it might help others. I did not take my two cats to the vet to diagnose for conjunctivitis. I did, however, treat with the recommended warm, diluted cider for three days each. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please be aware that the herpes virus can cause eye ulcers that a very painful and if your cat or kitten is squinting or winking it may be because they are really suffering and in pain and should be seen by a veterinarian. My cat has never had any symptoms of herpes.

We rescued her 4 years ago. Occasionally she would sneeze but that’s all. Last week she had surgery to have 2 teeth removed. She seemed to be recovering well but then on the 4th day one of her eyes got goopy and she wouldn’t stop sneezing. The vet believes she had herpes and it was triggered again after the surgery. I want to try the apple cider vinegar and lysine.

Do I have to go to a pet store for the lysine? Poor thing she has barely got any rest the last few days because of her runny eye. Thank you so much ! GONE IN 2 TREATMENTS- few drops on the neck. I just found this thread and I applied a soaked cotton ball with Bragg’s ACV on the back of my 14 yo Manx neck. She has had two days of antibacterial ointment but I’m not seeing ANY improvement.

I’m excited to see the ACV work! I put 1000mg of lysine in the water bowl. Herpes can be cured with colloidal silver but it takes time and good colloidal silver isn’t super cheap. I put that in their water as well and they get little doses every time they drink. You can also boost your cats immunity with astragalus root. If you can find it you can add olive leaf extract as well. There are many herbs that can be used with cats for this. Karen Becker is a holistic vet and can be found on mercola. Lots of great information can be found there for both humans and animals. They also carry some of the treatments. I adopted a cat who had been rescued from a hoarding situation and ended up having the weepy eye and previous upper respiratory infection. I am still treating her and it doesn’t hurt the other cats in my home. It gives them all an immune boost. I feed holistic cat food which also has a little lysine in it. Even my 12year old cat is healthy, happy and active.