Control cat spraying

If you want a pet cat, take it in and take care of it, but do not feed wild cats or any wildlife. Most people simply feel bad when they see their beloved furry feline friends freezing and filled with fleas. Cat-Scratch fever and rabies are the main two, but there’s the usual host of parasite and fecal matter diseases that any wildlife in overcrowded conditions can cause. HOW DO I GET RID OF STRAY CATS? Many people don’t want to see cats trapped and ultimately euthanized. However, overpopulated cat colonies usually result in more suffering for cats.

PLEASE HAVE YOUR CAT SPAYED OR NEUTERED. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME WITH A STRAY CAT PROBLEM? The first thing you can do is contact your local city or county animal services. Look up their number on the internet, or click on my directory on my home page — I have the numbers listed for over 650 US cities and towns, covering 99. However, if you have a more complex problem and want to hire professional help, that’s what my directory is really for. This includes hotels, apartments, restaurants, warehouses, etc.

Click here for a nationwide list of 100’s of professional stray cat trappers serving all 50 states. As a biologist, I am writing to you out of concern about some of the statements on your website. First of all, feral cats are afraid of humans and as such are unlikely to spread disease and parasites as they will run and shy away from physical contact. However, your wording implies that cats are a leading cause of songbird decline, when habitat loss, pollution, and climate changes are far worse of a problem. I applaud you for stressing that people fix their pets and not let them outside. I implore you to change some of the wording on your site.

Also, please ask that people seek out local trap, neuter, release programs, which will often relocate problematic cats as well. After reading your email I can only come to the conclusion that you are NOT a very good biologist. Leptosporosis from one or all the Feral cats in our neighborhood. This is confirmed and documented. I have been corresponding with the CDC, AMVA, and the FDOH about this issue. Pregnant mothers working in their gardens can get Toxo and lose their fetus, our dogs and cats can contract Lepto as well as humans.

You should really do your research before writing an email that is false and misleading. I have hundreds of pages of documents and publications that support my email, you only have your misleading and false words which I can only assume you are a cat lover and wrote out of anger. Articles on health and behaviour. Q:  What diet is recommended for my indoor only cat? A: Each cat has unique needs for nutrition based on lifestyle, activity level, health, and age. Nutrition plays a crucial role in lifelong health.

The doctors at The Cat Care Clinic would love to discuss your cat’s specific nutritional needs and diet at each visit. There are many good diets for cats, but we generally recommend Hill’s products due to their superior attention to ingredient source, quality control of manufacturing, food safety, and ongoing research to improve animal health. Q: What portions should I be feeding my cat? Should I just follow the feeding instructions on the bag of food? A: The feeding instructions that are listed on food bags are a guideline but may not fit your cat’s body condition and activity level. Generally the feeding instructions on food bags are more than your cat needs to be fit.

Q: Which type of diet is best for my cat, canned or dry? For most cats the doctors will recommend feeding a combo of canned and dry foods daily. Canned food is usually higher in protein and water content, which is beneficial to cats. Dry food offers convenience but also can help decrease tartar buildup—especially when a dental formula is fed. Q: When should I sterilize my cat? A: The surgery can be performed anytime over the age of 8 weeks, but we generally recommend waiting until four to six months of age. Cats usually do not reach puberty before 6 months. It is not better for a cat to go through a heat cycle or have a litter before being spayed. A spay is an ovariohysterectomy — the ovaries and uterus are removed. Male cats generally do not spray before reaching puberty. The smell of their urine and undesirable marking behavior is prevented with neutering. When a male cat is neutered, the testicles are removed. Q: My cat is in heat now. Is there anything I can do?