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But cats entered into the human sphere relatively more recently, probably around 5,000 to 10,000 years ago, and can still do well without someone opening a can for them. In its simplest form, to domesticate an animal means to tame it, through breeding and training, to need and accept the care of humans. 18,000 to 30,000 years ago, give or take a few thousand years. The crossover to domestication is thought to have occurred when dogs diverged from wolf ancestors and gradually began hanging around humans, who were a ready source of meat scraps. 4,000 years ago, when cats were depicted cavorting with their Egyptian masters in wall paintings.

They were also made into enigmatic statuary, deified, and mummified and buried, leaving a trove of evidence that they had some close association with humans. Cyprus, some 8,000 to 9,000 years ago. The scientists found a pattern: all ate grain, with the cats also eating rodents. Archaeological evidence at the site indicated that the grain was stored in ceramic containers, suggesting a threat from rodents. The researchers theorized that because the rodents were a threat, the farmers decided it was good to encourage the cats to hang around. And the cats got access to easy prey and the occasional handout from humans. Not everyone has bought into that study’s conclusion, but it’s another potential link to how cats were brought into the domestication fold.

Warren says that he believes that the path to domestication shown by the Chinese study will likely hold up—that there was a commensual relationship between cats and humans, and that humans were attracted to cats as pets. For now, though, he says, it’s hard to know whether the minor taming of the cat has been through human intervention, or if cats have essentially self-domesticated. Cats still retain their hunting skills, and despite having ample supplies of food from humans, will still go out and kill rodents, insects, birds and whatever else they feel like stalking. The theories of how dogs and cats became domesticated is constantly changing as scientists develop more and better tools, including being able to delve into the genetic evidence. Warren and researchers from his Genome Institute and from academic centers around the globe recently used genomic studies to take a closer look at how, why, and when cats may have taken a step closer to domesticity. Cinnamon, a domestic female Abyssianian cat who was involved in other studies at Washington University, and compared her genetic sequences to that of a tiger, and also to a cow, a dog, and a human. Warren did find some differences from the tiger, especially in areas of behavior.

Essentially, they found genes controlling neuronal pathways that would make the domestic cat more willing to approach humans and interact with them—and to seek rewards—says Warren. The same genetic sequences are starting to be found in rabbits, horses and some other domesticated animals, he says. This is not evolution, but the effects of human interventions. Dogs have been much more selectively bred than cats over the years—for specific traits like herding, or security, for instance—and the 400 officially recognized breeds far outnumber the 38 to 45 cat breeds, he adds. Cats have been bred mostly for fur color or patterns, and yet, a domestic tabby cat’s stripes are no different than a wild cat’s stripes, he said. When not chasing down a story from our nation’s capital, she takes in the food, music and culture of southwest Louisiana from the peaceful perch of her part-time New Orleans home. Ask Smithsonian: Why Don’t People Smile in Old Photographs?

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Why do Hybrid Breeders hate this video? Breeders think they might lose money if people hear another view point. In our time, we have seen a number of unwanted hybrids. Breeding down a wild cat with a domestic ruins any chance of the wild genes to continue on and save the species. Let alone, why make another desinger cat when millions of domestics are put to sleep each year. Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Fl. 140 exotic cats from Hybrids to Lions. 2018 We were a bit short handed today but everyone worked super hard so that we could get everything done! We had two private tours and two educational tours today. 2018 We were a bit short handed today, but everybody worked well together to make it happen. Day 2 of Panacur was completed, and everyone took it. Big Cat Updates SUMMARY:  Historic day for animals. Kali Tiger has a blast. 2017 Great day today, everyone got their panacur by the end of the day. You know, that is nice of you to offer that, but what experience and living conditions do you have that would make you think that savannah cares how willing you are?