Home remedies for cat spraying

Nettles are a good, mild, anti-histamine that don’t cause drowsiness. In the trade of Classical Homeopathy, homeopathic remedies can be made for specific allergens. I’ve used these remedies myself for allergies to cats within my family and friends, with stellar success. You’d take a tuft of hair from the kitty to the homeopath and he creates the remedy on the stove in steps that take 1-2 days. The homeopath gives you an alcohol-based liquid remedy that is administered by drops under the tongue. She helped me with some allergies. Keep the cat out of the bedroom.

You need at least one cat-free zone, and since we spend much of our time sleeping, the bedroom should be cat-free. Invest in some air cleaners. I recommend the Honeywell brand since their filters need to be changed less often. Get a vacuum with a HEPA filter and get HEPA vacuum bags. Vacuum daily or every other day. Bathe the cat weekly with a pet shampoo designed to reduce dander.

I use Whisker City with Maxguard. Wipe the cats down daily with a damp paper towel or Whisker City moist wipes. I alternate that with using Allerpet, applied with a painting sponge. Both will reduce the dander on the cat, and thus the dander that gets into the air. Dander is the dry skin that flakes off the cat which contains cat saliva. Their saliva is what contains the allergen. Make sure to use a litter box with a cover.

I have a covered litter box inside another box with a cover! There are allergens in cat urine, so scooping the box daily and keeping the allergens out of the air as well as you can is essential. I also switched to a non-clay litter since the clay dust is bad for the cat and for humans. I use Swheat Scoop, made of wheat. It clumps like clay litter and has natural odor managing properties. If the person with cat allergies is scooping the box, I highly suggest that they wear a mask while doing so.

Having hardwood floors instead of carpet is the best option, but I couldn’t afford that so I shampoo the carpets monthly. I invested in a steamer cleaner. I steam-clean the floors, walls and cloth furniture when I can. 80 and it works great! There is special laundry detergent you can buy to get rid of allergens. It’s expensive so I just wash my bedding with it.

I use Aller Caire spray on my furniture. It denatures the cat protein that causes the allergy. I spray it on the couch where the cat likes to sleep. You can find many of those products at an online allergy shop. We take Bromelain and Quercetin as a supplement. It has natural antihistamine properties and is a great supplement for allergies. Take it with vitamin C as they work in tandem.

We’ve been drinking alkaline water and it definitely helps allergies! In fact, the machine broke and I hadn’t had time to fix it and so we’ve been out of alkaline water for a month. My husband’s allergies worsened during the period without the water! He used to claim that the water didn’t do anything, but after seeing what it was like without it, we know that alkaline water definitely helps! I love my cats, they are members of my family. It is a lot of extra work to keep up with the allergen fighters but when they cuddle on my lap it’s so worth it! I have it down to where I spend maybe an extra 30 minutes  a day vacuuming, wiping down furniture and the cats. The result is a very clean house so I’m not complaining! A director I worked with in TV commercials had cat allergies and a yearly calendar he would do for a cat food company. He went to an MD and did standard allergy shots a month or two prior to the job date and this worked for him. My sister was terribly allergic to cats. Turned out, she was terribly allergic to PEANUT BUTTER and that broke her body down and made her sensitive to other things. When she cut out the peanut butter, her cat allergies and hay fever stopped.