Pet odor neutralizer uk

She poured hydrogen peroxide on the damaged areas. Let liguid seep into marble until areas are like it was never damaged. It worked for us, Give it a try. Use caution and make sure you try a test area first. We ruined light gray carpet by using too much vinegar to water — ended up with a big pink spot in the middle of the floor.

Other areas we’d done with less vinegar in the water were fine. Get a good Rug Doctor for carpets to lift dog or cat urine out. Smell the piece or pieces after washing and drying. If you can still smell the urine, wash it again till gone. It is hard to stop this. Remember some cats are attracted to urinating on plastic bags and other types.

Males hiking leg in house. Catch them in the act and get them outside. Cover where he’s urinating with plastic to protect fabrics. This cleaner is cheap and works wonders. The recipe was given to me by my daughter years ago. I mix this up in larger amounts.

I usually use at least 3 cups of peroxide and 6 Tbsp of ammonia. I have yet to find a carpet stain that it will not remove. Some spots just disappear before your eyes. Others need to be blotted with white paper towels or a white cloth. If it is a terrible stain, the paper towels may need to be weighted down overnight. Being the owner of four cats, I keep it mixed up all the time and I would put it up against the most expensive cleaner you can buy commercially. I have also used it on spots on upholstery as well as spots on the walls.

It is a multipurpose cleaner for me. Click at right to share your own contribution to this guide. I need a simple recipe for removing pet urine odors that I can make myself. I have used the following recipe and like it. I have been using this recipe for years now. I have 4 cats and 2 dogs, and when one has an accident I use this and it takes the smell away instantly!

No more having to buy expensive odor removers from the store. Mix all together gently and pour in a spray bottle. Do not shake up this mix or you may have a lot of foam. I have also used a watering can and this works well also. Spray onto urine stain and walk away. No need to rub or scrub the area.

For tough odors you may have to repeat. I have never had any problems with any fabric changing colors from this mix. I soak up as much of the urine as I can. Then soak it up again. Once in a while I need to soak it up with the vinegar mix twice. I have had a problem with cat urine on my bed spread. It is washable, but after washing there was a faint lingering smell. There was no smell this time. I have never had it do that. I use it all the time now on anything with an odor. I toss a towel on it to soak up, then I slosh some clear vinegar onto it, run and get about 2 cups warm water, more vinegar to the mix, slop that on and grab the carpet shampooer to suck it all up. My carpet does not smell at all. I do not use deodorizers in my home due to allergies. I also use my carpet shampooer with clean water about once a month to rinse the carpet.