Urine output normal

This may range from dribbling to completely soiling oneself with urine. Awaking at night to pass urine frequently. Diminished urine volume output, less than 400ml per day. Large urine volume output, more than 3 liters per day. Gas bubbles in the urine.

Effort in maintaining a normal flow of urine during urination or impaired urine flow despite straining. Frequent urination that is significantly more than the average number of times that a person urinates. This may vary among individuals. However, if the change is persistent and other signs and symptoms present, it should be investigated. As with changes in the color, if there is any other signs and symptoms, it should be investigated further. Discharge should always be investigated. Please note that any information or feedback on this website is not intended to replace a consultation with a health care professional and will not constitute a medical diagnosis.

Ask a Doctor Online Now! I NOW USE A CATHETER EVERY 5 HOURS. FOR THE LAST TWO DAYS, NY URINE HAS BEEN A DEEP YELLOW. NO PAIN OR OTHER SYMTOMS. The color of your urine is determined by many factors but it depends on how dark yellow it is. Sometimes a darker yellow may be a sign of dehydration or it could be related to an infection of the urinary tract or even kidney disease. Given your history, you should see your doctor as soon as you can as the chance of an infection is significantly higher in your case and will require specialist treatment.

I have Hep C and very worried. Went to Dr yesterday but these symptoms didn’t show until later in the day. It is treatable with right diagnosis and treatment. In case of chronic oliguria, other urological problems are suspected. Dehydration-induced oliguria tends to be solvable by changes in diet and lifestyle. Oliguria symptoms are obviously decreased urine production. If the cause of reduced urine is not from dehydration or lifestyle issues, quite commonly kidney failure is suspected.

In case the reduced urine is a precursor of kidney failure, at onset, oliguria is frequently acute. Oliguria is often one of the early signs of kidney failure. Renal failure has other symptoms than oliguria, and low pee output isn’t always the first symptom. If diagnosed early, in most cases the oliguria is reversible and there are plenty of treatment options. Treatment for oliguria depends on the findings of the tests. Sometimes a catheter is placed in the urinary bladder to relieve an obstruction and to assist with careful measurement of urine output.

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